Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christmas New Year Bash

Finally the Aurora left on New Years Eve.We sent it off in the traditional manner with flares out front of the red shed and also flares in the zodiacs out in the harbour - although viability was pretty low due to a mild blizzard.
We worked half a day then Fort Knox opened and our booze that arrived on the ship was distributed. A loader bucket of snow was dumped in front of the red shed for chilling beers and the festivities began. The next two days were filled  with cheer. 
On new years day we celebrated christmas with santa arriving on the back of a red hagg and handing out the secret santa presents.
My Secret Santa Present haha
There were sessions in the spa (yes we have a spa) and also the summer games started, meaning lots of pool darts and ping pong with normal blizz-run penalties applying(a blizz run is a nudie run around the red shed).
On day 3 of our 4 days off I managed to hitch a ride out to Skiway (our local ice runway for small ski planes) for a bit of a tour (more on Skiway in an upcoming blog)
Day four saw the rumour of an Emperor Penguin up on the Morraine Line (pretty rare around casey as we have mostly adelie penguins locally). A few off us grabbed a hagg and went for a big hike but couldn't find him - it was still fun looking though.

Thats about it, we're back at work now so not much else



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  1. This is pretty cool bro. Props from the north :D

  2. This is pretty cool bro. Props from the north :D

  3. Things I learned from this post: what a Blizz Run is, it's easy to chill beer in Antartica, and you have a spa. Nice one Mac Daddy!

  4. In boston a blizz run is taking a ride to the store for blunts haha, hope u all good out there mate, you could write a couple books about your experiences haha

    1. Haha thats awesome mate! Would love to do a blizz run boston style after getting seven balled at pool haha
      Yeah all good here mate, hows the snowfall in boston?

  5. Heard Pete Patterson being interviewed this afternoon on the radio about your cricket match. Claims he got out for a duck.